Anglo Academy is a boutique organisation that specializes in residential camps away from home for 10 years. Each camp has a different focus. These range from adventure, to learning English and STEM, to Oxbridge study tours to the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. We offers a British boarding experience in our world class facilities in Hong Kong and United Kingdom.



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Barnard Castle School – a beautiful location for UK summer boarding school

Founded more than 130 years ago, Barnard Castle School is an independent boarding school located in Durham, North-east England, on a stunning 50-acre site. 

It is a member of the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference (HMC) and strives to provide an environment in which every child can achieve their full potential. 

Along with its extensive sports facilities, it offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor pursuits in which all students are encouraged to participate. Rugby is particularly strong here and the school is regarded as one of the best rugby schools in England. The Times has written that the school has "a happy knack of producing some of England's finest rugby talents."


International Boarding Experiences – Summer camp for 9-17 years

Our 2-week summer camp for kids is ideal for anyone looking to attend a UK boarding school in the future. The experience includes lessons and workshops five days a week and trips around the UK on the weekends. 

The camp provides an opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds and various parts of the world to take part in an international boarding experience. Previous campers have come from everywhere from the UK, Finland, Germany and France to Mainland China and Hong Kong.

In addition to the academic side of life, on our kids’ summer camp in the UK students have the chance to learn vital social skills such as public speaking and dining etiquette for formal dinners.



UKiset stands for UK Independent Schools Entry Test. It is an age-standardised test of a student’s academic ability in English, Mathematics and Reasoning and is able to tell prospective schools and parents how a candidate compares to British students of the same age.

It is specially designed for entry into British curriculum schools and a large number of the UK’s top independent schools, including Eton College and Harrow School, use the test to determine a student’s suitability.


UKiset at Anglo Academy – Summer school in the UK for international students

Anglo Academy offers students the opportunity to take the UKiset at the end of their time on our course. Our morning workshops for UKiset students focus on verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and numerical testing in preparation for the exam.

This provides an unrivalled opportunity for students to prepare for and take UKiset in a relaxed environment. It is a fully immersive experience within an English language summer school, on a British summer camp that is away from the pressures of regular school life.


Sports and Adventure Programme

Our UK residential summer camps provide more than just academic workshops. Our energetic and enthusiastic staff also run taster sessions for traditional British sports such as rugby and cricket in the afternoons. The afternoon programme is also a time when students can make new friends whilst practising their English in a social environment.

Our aim is always to nurture each individual student. The sports and adventure programme we run gives our students confidence outside the classroom whilst contributing to their applications for top boarding schools in the UK.


12-26 July 2020 (Tentative)



Barnard Castle School 


Barnard Castle

DL12 8UN, UK

Age Range:



2,900 GBP


2,600 (without UKiset)

Our 2-week adventurous camp offers exciting activities in the beautiful campus of Barnard Castle School, Durham. Students will be exploring northern England with friends of mixed nationalities. A unique boarding experience in one of UK's traditional boarding schools. Join us now to book flight tickets and enjoy a free chaperone service.  


We offer the option of taking UKiset-styled classes which focus on verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and use of English. Students will take the UKiset assessment at the end of the programme. Official results can be used for applying to various elite UK independent schools. 

Note: Mandarin classes are only available for European students, you may email us for more details.