Anglo Academy is a boutique organisation that specializes in residential camps away from home for 10 years. Each camp has a different focus. These range from adventure, to learning English and STEM, to Oxbridge study tours to the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. We offers a British boarding experience in our world class facilities in Hong Kong and United Kingdom.



Operation Office:

1802, Chinachem Leighton Plaza, 29 Leighton Road, 

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Camp Office:

Harrow International School, 38 Tsing Ying Road, New Territories, Hong Kong

T: +44 7740 870610

T: +852 3619 2371



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Summer camps can be a truly magical time in the life of young people. Not only do they foster confidence and provide an array of experiences through unique activities and situations, they also allow boys and girls from an enormously wide range of backgrounds, cultures and nationalities to make friendships that will last a lifetime.

Last year, six students arrived at Belmont knowing nothing of each other before they arrived. They had travelled from Columbia, Spain, Italy, Hong Kong, Norway and Germany respectively. Not only did they become best friends during the course, two months after it ended their conversations were continuing on social media, all conducted in English, exchanging stories, memories and future plans. Six months later, they arranged a holiday in Europe to reunite, and they are now scheduling trips to visit everyone’s homes and families. This is not an unusual story. In signing up to a 4-week programme, you are often doing much more. It can be the gateway to a path they may continue to explore for years to come.

Mixing with other nationalities and ages, whilst learning about different cultures is an exciting feature of our summer schools, and our Belmont Campus provides the perfect setting to create a home away from home.


2-week (1): 16-30 July

2-week (2):  30 July - 13 August  

4-week : 16 July - 13 August



Belmont Preparatory School

Feldemore Lodge,

Holmbury St Mary,



Age Range:



2-week: 2,700 GBP

 2,500 GBP (without UKiset)

4-week: 4,880 GBP 

 4,700 GBP (without UKiset) 

Global Leadership Programme
Age group 9 - 17

The course combines a strong emphasis on challenging collaborative activities and engaging course life with an inspiring curriculum designed to foster confidence in English language, fluency in public speaking, and familiarisation with the steps necessary for success in tertiary education. From innovative lessons and challenging problem solving tasks, to fluency in constructing advanced and articulate arguments, this course is essential for those looking to hone the skills deemed essential by leading universities and Sixth Form colleges.

This course is specifically geared towards those that have their sights set on studying at a British university or sixth form in a leading Independent school. In an ever competitive job market, entry into a leading university couldn't be more important in taking the initial steps towards your desired profession and career.

Sports and Adventure Programme

Age group 9 - 17

Our sports and activities programme is a key part to the camps here. It is a time when the students can relax and enjoy taking part in their favourite sports and activities, whilst making friends and practising their English in a social environment. We aim to keep the students occupied all day every day with a range of fun and educational games.

Our sports and activities staff are energetic and enthusiastic about keeping everyone included and making sure that no one, however unsporty, feels left out or excluded. No one is forced to participate but when your child sees everyone else having fun (including staff) she or he will no doubt want to join in. A few students prefer to spend the afternoons doing art in the class- room with our course helper, preparing posters and props for the evening activities.

English and Pre - Boarding Experiences

Age group 9 - 14

Ideal for anyone looking to attend a UK boarding school in the future, with pre-sessional lessons and workshops 5 days a week. Students have the chance to prepare themselves for an International boarding experience and learn vital skills, from public speaking to formal dinners, in which they will receive etiquette training. 

By the time they attend boarding school, they will feel confident and comfortable with what is expected, both academically and socially.