KS3 and Grammar

Identifying a noun is one thing, but a noun phrase? BBC Teach has the answer to that. This tutorial will show you how to identify them and use them to improve your writing.

BBC Teach

Watch this video right this second! Did you see the adverbial we used? watch this video and you should have no problem using adverbs and adverbials yourself.

BBC Teach

Learn how to better construct your sentences by using conjunctions. BBC Teach gives you the basics of using this vital grammar feature.


BBC Teach

You should watch the video right now, or you may find using modal verbs difficult. BBC Teach is back with another easy-to-follow tutorial on this useful grammar feature.

BBC Teach


"What's to-day?" cried Scrooge.

"It's the day where Mr Bruff helps us with our GCSE English!" returned the boy.

OK that's not how it happens in the book but it is true for you!

Mr Bruff

Mr Bruff is calling on us again with another analysis of a GCSE text. Remember to keep a note pad and pen with you as you listen to these words of wisdom!




Mr Bruff

"If he shall be Mr. Hyde," he had thought, "I shall be Mr. Seek."

There's no need to play hide and seek with the meaning of the language in this 19th century masterpiece.

Mr Bruff

In your exams you may be asked to compare texts. There's a method and approach to do this successfully and BBC Teach is here to share their tips for how you can achieve the grade you want.


BBC Teach

Your exams can hold surprising questions and many that require your creative input. Like most things, creativity is a skill that can be trained. Prepare early by looking at what professional authors think about when beginning their creative journey.

BBC Teach


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