Academic Programme

English Programme (Morning)

Our English Programme combines a strong emphasis on challenging collaborative activities and engaging courses with an inspiring British curriculum designed to foster confidence in English language. We bring out the potential and ability of students by hosting various workshops on public speaking, creative thinking and debating. Our teachers are native English speakers who are experienced in fostering the development of the English language in a fun and engaging way.


STEM Programme (Afternoon) New in 2020!

What is STEM?






Our 1-week accelerated STEM program aims to inspire future generations on the real-world applications of Coding, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. We nurture students with multidisciplinary knowledge and hands-on experience through interactive activities to be future leaders in STEM fields. We stimulate students’ creativity, intelligence and teamwork by challenging them to tackle current world problems. This programme is ideal for youngsters wishing to apply for STEM-related subjects in top-tier universities such as University of Cambridge and University of Oxford, Harvard University, or MIT in the future.


Sports Programme

Our summer camp provides more than just academic workshops. Our energetic and enthusiastic staff prepare taster sessions for traditional British sports such as rugby and cricket. The afternoon programme is a time when the students can make new friends whilst practising their English in a social environment. Students can also choose to participate in swimming and aqua games, which are on offer every afternoon. Our aim is to nurture each student, so that the extracurricular activities programme gives them confidence outside the classroom, whilst contributing to their application of top boarding schools in the UK.


Boarding School Experience

Our summer camp is an early opportunity to experience boarding life through a series of intense courses and fun social activities. Students can experience independence by living away their parents for the week, whilst learn vital social skills such as public speaking and dining etiquette. It is ideal for anyone looking to attend a top-tier UK boarding school in the future.


Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is at the heart of everything we do. All of the activities are designed with the safety and entertainment of the students as a primary concern. Managing Director Caroline Drewett has over 10 years of experience in educational camps and oversees the pastoral care of each and every child to ensure that they maximise their time away from home. All our teachers and sports staff are highly qualified to ensure the happiness and well-being of each student. We make sure every student is settling into the course well with one-to-one regular meetings which allows Caroline us to get to know each child personally.

Why Anglo Academy?

We are specialists in residential courses with over 10 years’ experience running summer schools. English language summer schools provide a guaranteed immersion in English 24/7. Our summer course is set up to foster friendships, collaborative learning, and a true, full immersion experience. Students will be living in single rooms, twin rooms, and en suites, and are divided by sex and age. We strive to provide an environment in which every child can develop not only lifelong skills, but more importantly, a passion for learning.


Christmas Residential Camp:

21-24 December 2020 (Mon-Thur)

28-31 December 2020 (Mon-Thur)



Harrow International


38 Tsing Ying Road,

New Territories,

Hong Kong

Age Range:

6-9; 10-14


HKD$9,800 (All-inclusive)


Join us for an unforgettable experience, learning about pre-boarding, making friends, discovering the benefits of living away from home, and more.