With the end of the Spring Term approaching, Anglo Academy is excited to announce the launch of a bespoke revision and study course. We fully understand the challenges faced by many international students in the UK at this time. Our course will be able to offer the academic and pastoral support that so many are looking for at this important time of year.
Staying at our safe and welcoming campus relieves the pressure and uncertainty that many are feel ing this Easter, whilst providing the perfect setting for students to consolidate their learning and further their studies through a dedicated period of revision, combining private study with tutoring. This will be tailored to specific exam year groups, as well as those simply looking for all-round progression and consolidation.

Course key points:

  • An academic programme combining revision lessons, practice test papers and tutoring

  • Stimulating study environment and free from distractions

  • Lessons taught by qualified and experienced subject experts

  • Additional 1-on-1 private tutoring available for GCSE & A-level main subjects


This course is only open to students who are already studying in the UK and have had no contact with anyone from mainland China or Hong Kong in the 14 days before the course.

All students must have a UK guardian. Please note that we reserve the right to temperature check every child daily, to keep the boarding environment safe.

Academic programme:

On the first morning, we will conduct a one-on-one session with each student to set up a tailored revision timetable for them. During the revision course, we will check in with each student on their progress and feedback, to make sure they are maximising their time.

Our academic programme will be a combination of private tutoring, practice paper sessions and supervised revision.

Extra-curricular programme:

We also provide fun and exciting social activities and trips for students to join, as we understand that students need to relax and enjoy their evenings. The evening programme is a time when students can make new friends whilst practising their English in a social environment. 

All students can choose to opt-out of these activities and do supervised revision and/or have private tutoring lessons instead with the permission of their parents. The Sunday day trips are recommended, but optional.



27 March (Fri) to 17 April (Fri)


St Peter's College,

University of Oxford

Year Group:

Year 10 - Year 13


1,300 GBP per week

190 GBP per extra day

(A minimum of one week)

Belgravia students can enjoy a discount price of 1080 GBP per week