The real value of UK summer camp – why spending a summer away from home is about more than just fun

When it comes to life experiences for young people, there’s nothing that quite compares to a summer camp for kids.

Apart from being a very enjoyable way to spend the school summer holiday and to learn English, what a summer camp provides is something truly special – a blend of challenges and opportunities that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

As well as giving children their first taste of independence, British summer camps teach them the social skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. At the same time, they introduce campers to children of their own age from all over the world and often become the mere beginning of long-lasting international friendships.

In this blog post, we unpack what a summer school in the UK for international students is really all about and explain the real value of spending a summer away from home.

Article contents:

· Developing independence

· Improving social skills

· Making long-lasting friendships

· Leading an active lifestyle

· Learning teamwork and developing leadership skills

· Conclusion

Friendship is the most valuable thing we can gain from a summer camp.

Developing independence

One of the biggest opportunities that a summer camp in England offers children is the chance to develop independence. Being away from parents during their stay, children learn to take care of themselves in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment.

Of course, our experienced and caring team are there to provide all the help and reassurance required. We understand that nerves and a little homesickness are completely normal and know how to help children feel comfortable and get the best out of their time with us.

Day-to-day, children get their own meals, interact with one another and take care of their own belongings. Then, throughout the camp, there are also many opportunities for children to step out of their comfort zones and try completely new things.

Since a big part of being independent is learning to think for oneself, the camp environment is structured to constantly offer different options that require children to make their own well-informed decisions – from the food they eat to the workshops they attend.

Improving social skills

Summer camp develops soft skills.

A residential summer camp in the UK is a unique social environment – different from school and different from the family home. By learning to live with a new group of peers and adult mentors, children quickly develop their social skills and their confidence in interacting with others.

What the camp provides is a safe environment for children to learn to get along with one another under adult supervision. Over the course of their stay, children build relationships and even manage conflicts with other children who are from a range of different backgrounds and cultures. By the end of their time with us, they will have developed fundamental social skills that set them up for life.  

Making long-lasting friendships

English opens doors to the world.

UK summer boarding school allows boys and girls from an enormously wide range of backgrounds, cultures and nationalities to make friendships that will last a lifetime. Bonds are formed very easily and naturally on camp as students learn and undertake a range of activities together.

Last year, six students travelled to our Belmont camp, all from different countries – Columbia, Spain, Italy, Hong Kong, Norway and Germany. Not only did they become best friends during the course but two months after it ended their conversations were continuing on social media. Then, six months later, they arranged a reunion holiday in Europe and scheduled trips to visit each other’s homes and families.

In signing up to summer camp, you are often doing much more and it can be the gateway to lifelong friendships.

Leading an active lifestyle

Sprint faster!

The benefits of leading an active lifestyle are now widely recognised; keeping active is crucial for both our physical wellbeing and our mental health. One of the joys of summer camps is that they help children of a wide range of ages, all the way from 9-17 years, to lead an active lifestyle.

A summer on camp means more than just academic lessons and workshops – every day, children participate in a wide range of physical activities. In fact, children are moving all day at camp and are active from the moment they get out of bed! Being on camp is the perfect opportunity for children to leave technology behind, learn new sports and hone their skills.

Along the way, they will experience many health benefits such as increased physical fitness and maintaining a healthy body weight. Studies have even shown that active students concentrate better in school and have fewer behavioural problems. Moreover, participating in sporting activities also boosts children’s self-confidence, which then transfers to other areas of life.

Learning teamwork and developing leadership skills

This is teamwork!

An English summer camp provides one of the early opportunities for children to develop leadership skills and to learn to work as a team.

Throughout their stay, they get to navigate different group dynamics and show empathy and encouragement to each other while learning the selflessness required of good teamwork.

The many collaborative activities that are part of camp life give children the chance to lead groups and to work together in order to come up with different ideas and solutions to a range of problems. They not only learn cooperation but also develop the confidence to have a constructive voice in a social group.

Apart from the immediate impact that this has on their lives, it also helps create a solid future. Studies have shown that adolescent leaders are more likely to take up managerial positions as adults. And, leadership skills developed early on can have a positive impact on future wages.


A summer camp offers children much more than just a nice summer break. It gives them the chance to learn independence, develop their social skills, make lifelong friendships, lead an active lifestyle and acquire leadership skills and the ability to work well in a team.

The unique blend of challenges and opportunities make for an unforgettable summer and sets children up for life.

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