Why Anglo Academy?

We are specialists in residential camps with over 10 years’ experience and one of the best summer schools in the UK.

We offer unique pre-boarding experiences with a British curriculum. Our academic programmes include English, STEM and public speaking. Additionally, we provide extensive extra-curricular activities to give students a very well-rounded experience.

In addition to our highly trained staff, we offer world-class facilities on exceptional campuses in both Hong Kong and the UK.

Our UK summer camp is an important step towards independence that sees children living away from parents for the first time. It serves as a wonderful preparation for being at a UK boarding school, not only academically but also socially and culturally.

English language summer schools provide a guaranteed immersion in English 24/7 and give students the opportunity to make friends from all over the world.

We also provide trips to various UK towns and attractions which are both enjoyable excursions and a way for students to learn more about the country, its history and culture.

Why Summer Camp?